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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mulk ki bhi ek sarhad hoti hai,
Bacche ki bhi ek zid hoti hai,
Aur kitna intezar karu tere sms ka,
arre yaar kanjusi ki bhi ek haad hoti hai.

Friday, September 26, 2008


It's not the fault of the student if he fails, because the year has ONLY 365' days.

Typical academic year for a student.

1. Sundays-52,Sundays in a year, you know Sundays are for rest.
Days left 313.

2. Summer holidays-50 where weather is very hot and difficult to study.
Days left 263.

3. 8 hours daily sleep-means 130 days.
Days left 141.

4. 1 hour for daily playing-(good for health) means 15 days.

Days left 126.

5. 2 hours daily for food & other delicacies(chew properly & eat)-means 30days.

Days left 96.

6. 1 hour for talking (man is a social animal)-means 15 days !

Days left 81.

7. Exam days per year atleast 35 days.
Days left 46.

8. Quarterly, Half yearly and festival (holidays)-40 days.

Balance 6 days.

9. For sickness atleast 3 days.

Remaining days 3.

10. Movies and functions atleast 2 days.

1 day left.

11. That 1 day is your birthday. "How can you study at that day?"
Balance days 0

"How can a student PASS

Friendship . .
. . . is you.
. . . is love.
. . . is shared.
. . . is forgiving.
. . . is understanding.
. . . is shared secrets.
. . . heals many hurts.
. . . is not judgmental.
. . . is shared laughter.
. . . is slow and steady.
. . . can be angry at times.
. . . is dependable and true.
. . . is more precious than silver or gold.
. . . is meant to be savored like fine wine.
. . . is not perfect, much like we are not perfect.
. . . does not hold grudges or demand perfection.
. . . makes all the wrong things in life, right somehow
. . . is a cherished moment of mutual understanding.
. . . reaches into your heart and grabs a firm hold.
. . . is a refreshing rain on a hot day.
. . . is sunshine through the clouds.
. . . cannot be forced or induced.
. . . is relaxed and comfortable.
. . . is a shoulder to lean on.
. . . is an ear to whine to.
. . . gets better with age.
. . . is shared tears.
. . . is shared pain.
. . . is shared joy.
. . . is you..

One song can spark a moment ?
One flower can wake the dream ?
One tree can start a forest ?
One bird can herald spring ?
One smile begins a friendship ?
One handclasp lifts a soul ?
One star can guide a ship at sea ?
One word can frame the goal ?
One vote can change a nation ?
One sunbeam lights a room ?
One candle wipes out darkness ?
One laugh will conquer gloom ?
One step must start each journey ?
One word must start each prayer ?
One hope will raise our spirits ?
One touch can show you care ?
One voice can speak with wisdom ?
One heart can know what's true ?
One life can make the difference ?
You see, IT'S UP TO YOU! ?
one Massage can build a friendship ........

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yad karate hai thujhe tanhai mai.
Basaya hai tujhe dil ki gaharai mai.
Mat dhund mujhe duniya ki bhid mai.
Hum milenge tumhe apni hi parchai mai.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kya yehi pyaar hai

Haan yehi pyaar hai
O, dil tere bin kahin hin
Waqt nahin

Kya yehi pyaar hai

Haan haan, haan yehi pyaar hai

O, dil tere bin kahin lagta nahin
Waqt guzarta nahin
Kya yehi pyaar hai

Haan yehi pyaar hai
Pehle main samjha kuch aur vaje in baaton ki
Lekin ab jaana kahan neend gayi meri raaton ki

Jaagti rehti hoon main bhi, chaand nikalta nahin, oh
Dil tere bin kahin lagta nahin
Waqt guzarta nahin
Kya yehi pyaar hai, bolo, bolo na

Haan yehi pyaar hai

Kaise bhooloongi, tu yaad hamesha aayega
Tere jaane se jeena mushkil ho jaayega

Ab kuch bhi, ho, dil pe koi zor to chalta nahin
Dil tere bin kahin lagta nahin
Waqt guzarta nahin
Kya yehi pyaar hai

Haan, haan yehi pyaar hai

Jaise phoolon ke mausam mein yeh dil khilte hai
Premi aise hi kya patjhad mein bhi milte hain

Rut badle, duniya badle, pyaar badalta nahin, ho
Dil tere bin kahin lagta nahin
Waqt guzarta nahin
Kya yehi pyaar hai

Haan yehi pyaar hai

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